This Tuesday the General Legislation Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, chaired by Cecilia Moreau, began the debate on the projects that seek to modify the Rental Law, with the presentation of rental associations, tenants, owners and real estate agencies.

While the deputies debate this agreement, the reality of the owners and the tenants is at stake. Diego Baidon, Co Founder and Chief Executive Director of Alucerto explained that the owners are afraid. “In the big media they say that people are afraid of profitability. No, it’s nonsense. The government told people to write down all the contracts in AFIP and the guy is afraid that they will deceive him, they are afraid that they will swindle and steal what he built, inherited or made,” he said. “You cannot tell the guy to register the contract with AFIP with this perverse and persecutory system that condemns the treasury,” he concluded.

On the other hand, he said that this legislation does not benefit tenants either, since they not only face a lack of rental supply, but also do not have real representation in the debate. “The voice of the strongest tenants there is in the group of tenants in Buenos Aires that does not represent even a tiny bit of what happens to all the tenants in the country”

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