The Confederation of Hydrocarbons and Allied Trade Entities (Cecha) warned that the delay in fuel prices means that the supply “is not normal”, especially diesel, and estimated that the situation could worsen at Easter.

This was stated by the secretary of Institutional Affairs of that business entity, Carlos Gold. According to the leader, “there is a general delay in terms of prices for all fuels. This means that the supply is not normal in order to meet the demand. The consequence is the lack of supply that can be seen at service stations.”

In that sense, he indicated that “importing the product and turning it over to the domestic market causes an important loss for the oil companies and they are stopping doing it.”

“For this reason, the oil companies establish a monthly quota for the service stations with which they are going to supply us with diesel. And above that quota, any additional order has a surcharge of between $40 and $50. That speaks of the amount that they are losing the oil companies for every liter they import,” he pointed out.

Gold assured that no supply problems have been detected in naphtha so far, although he acknowledged that there could be problems during Holy Week.