The Federal Oral Court 4 granted this Friday the release of the businessman Martin Baez. He was convicted of money laundering maneuvers through the Báez group companies. Because he served two thirds of his sentence, the request for probation was granted. His father, on the other hand, was sentenced to 12 years but his sentence was sentenced to 10.

The oldest of the Kirchners’ closest businessman was arrested in February 2019, the case was investigated by the Buenos Aires federal judge Sebastian Casanello. In 2021 Baez was sentenced to 9 years in prison and since then he has been serving house arrest in his house in Rio Gallegos, in Santa Cruz. However, the Federal Chamber of Cassation modified the amount of the penalty and reduced it to six years and six months in jailfor which he was able to request parole.

Those in charge of supervising him declared: “through the GPS electronic monitoring device, with a radius of 100 kilometers around his home, and must notify this Court immediately of any change in his place of residence, as well as any circumstance by virtue of which he must be absent for more than 24 hours from it”.