The streaming platform recently released a Spanish film that is already among the most viewed on Netflix. The new film unites themes as harsh as corruption, abuse of power and influence peddling, a combo that does not fail to attract the audience.

This is Emperor Code, a Netflix original film starring Luis Tosar, a renowned Spanish actor. Along with him is Alexandra Masangkay -as Wendy-, Georgina Amorós -in the role of Marta-, Denis Gómez -as Ángel-, Miguel Rellán -in the role of Galán-, Laura Domínguez -Ana- and María Botto -Charo- . The rest of the cast is completed by Fran Lareu, Arón Piper, Juan Carlos Vellido, Santi Prego, Erik Novák and Patirke Mendiguren.

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The film tells the story of Juan, who works for the secret services and who, in order to gain access to the chalet of a couple involved in arms trafficking, approaches Wendy, the Filipino maid who lives in the house and establishes with her a relationship that will become increasingly complex.

Watch the trailer in this note: