On September 7, the oral debate will begin in the trial against thirteen policemen from the province of Córdoba who are accused of homicide and of covering up the murder of Blas Correas, according to each case. The hearings will take place over three months until November 25, when the reception of evidence closes.

The defendants are, mainly, Corporals Javier Catriel Alarcón (32) and Lucas Damián Gómez (36), who fired the shots at the vehicle, who are accused as co-authors of “aggravated homicide by the use of a firearm and qualified for having been committed in abuse of his function by a member of the police forces” for the murder of Blas.

Those identified for concealment are deputy commissioner Sergio Alejandro González (43), agent Wanda Micaela Esquivel (33), assistant officer Yamila Florencia Martínez (24), commissioner inspector Walter Eduardo Soria (44), deputy commissioner Enzo Gustavo Quiroga (35 ) and inspector commissioner Jorge Ariel Galleguillo (45). The specific accusation is “concealment due to personal and real favoring aggravated by the functional quality and the seriousness of the preceding act and as perpetrators of the crime of omission of duties as a public official, respectively, in an ideal contest.”

Corporal Leonardo Alejandro Martínez (28), assistant officer Ezequiel Agustín Vélez (25), corporal Leandro Alexis Quevedo (30) and agent Rodrigo Emanuel Toloza (26) are charged with “false testimony” and “cover-up due to personal favor aggravated by the functional quality and the seriousness of the preceding event, in an ideal competition”. Finally, the commissioner Juan Antonio Gatica (45) will be accused in oral debate for “cover-up for personal favor aggravated by functional quality”.

The teenager Blas Correas was killed by a shot that hit him in the back while he was traveling with four friends aboard a Fiat Argo. He was taken by his friend to the Aconcagua Clinic, where they denied him assistance, and he ended up dying on public roads.