Lucas Botta was a teacher in love with the classroom, but when the pandemic closed the doors of all schools, he had no choice but to reinvent himself. Paradoxically, one of the hardest and most complicated episodes in world history was what brought, in the hands of this Cordovan, a new air in the teaching of history.

history in podscat It became an idea to work with high school kids in the midst of a pandemic to a historical outreach project for anyone,” Lucas explained in a dialogue with host Mimi Spicher.

In 2020 he decided to upload an episode about Feudalism to work with his 5th year students. But that audio “exploded”: a few days later, the project created for just 30 students from a school in Pilar had five thousand views.

“This is a great joy for someone who came from history. To see that there is so much curiosity. Someone tell you I’m working sweeping and I hear you in the background. That’s beautiful! Because it transcends everything, it transcends the classroom itself”, the teacher expressed with an overflowing enthusiasm.

“I think that the real challenge for teachers in the 21st century is to use the tools of the 21st century. If not, we remain as selfish media with a discourse that I am the one who knows how to teach you. It is necessary to update ourselves,” he added.

He also commented that the idea was received very positively among his colleagues. He even received calls from teachers from different places in Argentina requesting help to generate content with other subjects.

“There is another challenge. That of making someone whose interest lies elsewhere like history. Trying to start from curious data, from striking data, from what is happening now. This has to do with the fact that a historian said that all “History is contemporary. Every past event has to do with current events,” said Botta, convinced that a change can be generated that combines education and technology

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