After suspending his schedule Tuesday on medical advice, Pope Francis returned to St. Peter’s Square for a general audience in which he spoke about old age. But what caught the attention of many was his message to mothers-in-law.

“Be careful with the tongue. The tongue is one of the ugliest sins of mothers-in-law,” the pope warned.

He also asked to overcome “the most common prejudices.” “Today the mother-in-law is a mythical character, I’m not saying that we think they are the devil, but they are always said to be bad. But they are the mother of your husband, of your wife,” he explained.

She also offered advice to daughters-in-law: “Mothers-in-law are also mothers, they are older and one of the most beautiful things for grandmothers is to see their grandchildren. It is true that sometimes they are a little special, but they have given everything. At least make them happy, she lets them carry their old age with happiness.”