Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul are going through the best moment of their courtship. After weeks in which rumors of separation circulated, the singer became the main pillar of the footballer’s spirit during the World Cup in Qatar, despite the fact that she only accompanied him in person in a few games. And after the caravan of the Selection for GBA and CABA, the athlete went directly to see her and Camila Homs, her ex-partner and mother of her children, he did not like her at all.

“Nothing to say, are you okay?” He wrote along with a video in which he looks at the camera, kisses the index finger of his right hand and makes the “fuck you” gesture ironically. And although she did not make direct reference to Rodrigo, everything would indicate that she waited for the World Cup to end to make his discomfort public.

Although at first the possibility of her traveling to Qatar with Francesca and Bautista was considered, so that they could be close to her father, the model stayed in Buenos Aires throughout the tournament. And despite the fact that her separation with the “little engine” of the Scaleneta was very mediatic and scandalous, she publicly expressed her support for her ex-boyfriend. Even, on the day of the final against France, she showed how her children waited for the game dressed in the Argentine shirt and with a replica of the World Cup.

His reaction on the networks, given the lack of details, led to speculation by Internet users, who interpreted that Camila would have been angry because De Paul went to the Polo Field to surprise Tini in full rehearsal for his shows, instead of Go say hi to your kids.

For his part, the footballer enjoys the victory of the National Team and will stay several days in Buenos Aires to enjoy his partner and family, before returning to Spain to resume his commitments with Atlético de Madrid.