Rodrigo Lussich, host of Socios del show (eltrece), recounted the terrible accident of which he was a victim after being locked up by a group in the Villa Crespo area, City of Buenos Aires. The incident occurred last Thursday, and luckily the journalist did not suffer serious injuries.

Lussich explained while doing the scandals how the accident happened: “I want to thank my friend, my partner who held me back because I crashed yesterday,” referring to his friend Adrián Pallares. “Do not get scared. There were no injuries, there was no coalition, there was no impact. My car was the last undefeated thing I had left, I lost the undefeated because it has become a hanger, “said Lussich, bringing a little calm to the audience.

“A group locked me up at the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Murillo, which is a crazy area. Because Scalabrini ends there and everyone turns, something wrong with a small square”, he explained. driver.

And he continued: “Then I turned and did not calculate the bending angle of the bus. Just by rubbing me he broke everything. My car got stuck under the bus fender and I couldn’t get it out. I was trapped under the wheel and when I took it out, everything fell out, ”explained the journalist.

“I was going to therapy and I had to miss because of the lack that I did. Now I’m going to be hell. I am without flour, shocked and without therapy … ”, closed the driver, adding a little humor to the bad moment that he had to live.