In Mexico in Acajete, Puebla some warning posters about a somewhat unusual thief began to circulate. The offender was exposed when he was caught on camera by a passerby. It was nothing more and nothing less than a puppy that stole bags of bread from customers when they left a bakery in the area.

“Be careful with the dog that steals cemitas” reads in the bakery window. And for those who doubted whether the warning was true, they later recorded the offender to show the ‘modus operandi’. A mural of the delinquent was even painted so that the local residents would be attentive to his cemitas.

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The video was uploaded to social media and quickly went viral. It aroused laughter from some who congratulated the puppy for not being caught. Far from generating some kind of anger in the locals, they all ended up loving the canine delinquent.

Watch the video here: