A mother wanted to “collaborate” with the Three Kings and filmed the moment when her two little sons, Juan Martín and Juan Bautista, received a very World Cup gift: the World Cup (or “Messi’s Cup”, as he called it) had arrived. they say).

The hubbub began; The children tore the paper excited to open their present and with great happiness they raised the Cup… just seven seconds later the gift fell to pieces on the floor due to the carelessness of the smallest.

“I didn’t know it was made of plaster” wrote the user macece on the Tik Tok social network, a platform on which the epic moment went viral, which, divided into three videos published in recent days, closely followed the story and accumulated millions of views, comments and “likes“.

“Epic ending! 1. The illusion of the Juanes 2. The accident of Gundo 3. The disappointment of all” The mother wrote in the first video, where you can see how the accident overshadows happiness. In the next film, Macece “cried” shouting ‘My savings!’ with the remains of the golden cup: “No people, clearly I didn’t know it was from Plaster. It was the boys’ uncle who wrote the letter to the Kings asking them to bring THAT cup. We need a happy ending!” .

And the happy ending came as the children’s uncle, Lucas, gave them another replica but in a less destructible material. “Juan Martín and Juan “El Gundo” Bautista were able to raise the cup! The uncle @Luquilon saved kings! 🏆 #mamadevarones”.

Watch the epic sequence by clicking here.