This Thursday, Daniel Scioli announced that the leader of the truckers union, Hugo Moyano, will head its list of national deputies for the province of Buenos Aires. The announcement was made during the presidential launch ceremony of the Brazilian ambassador, which took place at the ND Ateneo Theater.

Invited by Scioli, the trade unionist took the stage and expressed “It’s a very special day. Someone who knew much more than us said that the backbone of justicialismo is the labor movement and the labor movement is going to be the backbone of justicialismo. Hence this commitment to the future president.”

On the other hand, this afternoon a video of Moyano’s son, Pablo, was released, who took a photo with Pedro’s “Wado”, supported by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and with whom Scioli will have an intern at PASO. Pablo Moyano and Wado de Pedro had a meeting at the Library of the Truckers Union.