The Brazilian Justice confirmed that Juan Darthés will testify for the first time in the case of sexual abuse against Thelma Fardin. The hearing will be held this Thursday, almost four years after the complaint.

Said trial had been suspended since May, at the request of the actor’s lawyers, and was resumed two weeks ago. Despite the repeated occasions in which Darthés wanted to postpone the hearing, the Justice stated that there will be no room for further extensions.

It is worth mentioning that during the period in which the trial was suspended, Darthés’ lawyers had expressed the need for the case to go to ordinary justice, which would cause the investigation to start from scratch.

Thelma Fardin’s lawyer in Buenos Aires, Martín Arias Duval, explained to Télam that although in February the same court had ruled that the case should return to zero in the ordinary Justice, “he was asked what here in Argentina would be a replacement and one of the judges changed his position”, with which the matter was finally resolved “in favor of the position of the prosecution and the complaint”.