This Friday, the trial against Sergio Raponi, owner of the chemical company located in Alta Córdoba and which exploded in 2014, ends. The trial takes place in the Fourth Chamber of Crime and the last hearing begins at noon. Prosecutor Raúl Gualda requested 6 and a half years in prison for “doubly qualified malicious havoc.”

From the lawsuit, the lawyer Carlos Nayi, who represents several affected families, including those of the only fatal victim, anticipated that he will request the effective 12-year prison sentence for Raponi.

Miguel Ortiz Pelegrini, another plaintiff attorney, also confirmed to cba24n that he will request 12 years in prison. “Raponi ran a cleaning company that accumulated flammable materials and dangerous liquids, paid in black, did not comply with any ordinance and did not meet the minimum security conditions,” he remarked.

Source: Cba24n