This Friday, May 27, the trial against Brandon Ariel Larrubia López will begin in the Third Crime Chamber. The 25-year-old is charged with the crime of “doubly qualified homicide by the link and by gender violence” against Katherine Saavedra. If found guilty he could receive life in prison.

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Katherine became, in March 2021, one more name on the list of femicides in Córdoba (at that time, she became the eighth victim of gender-based violence in the province). The young woman suffered from physical and psychological aggression by her boyfriend, whom she had already denounced.

On February 28, residents of Malvinas Argentinas found the young woman lying on the road, almost lifeless. She agonized three days in the hospital until she passed away from her injuries. She had serious head injuries. She became suspicious of her boyfriend and immediately arrested him. He is the only accused.

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Femicide of Katherine Saavedra: the trial begins on Friday • Canal C