The Oral trial against the eight rugbiers accused of murdering Fernando Báez Sosa at the exit of the Le Brique bowling alley in Villa Gesell on January 18, 2020 will begin this Monday.

From the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores the eight defendants, Fernando’s parents, friends and relatives will find out what will happen to one of the most important causes in the country.

With a duration of 22 hearings, more than 130 witnesses They will go through the Chamber to testify about that fateful night and all the defendants could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The eight rugbiers are accused of the crimes of “doubly aggravated homicide due to treachery and the premeditated cooperation of two or more people” Y “Minor injuries” and they are expected to be present at most hearings.

This Monday Graciela Sosa and Silvino Baez, Fernando’s parents, will see their son’s murderers face to face for the first time. On a more than important day, both of them will be the first to testify in front of the judges. Maria Claudia Castro, Christian Rabaia and Emiliano Lazzari.

Regarding the defendants, the transfer from the Melchor Romero prison to the Dolores Prison occurred on Sunday morning with the idea that they be present in the TOC 1 room.

The judges and the defense of Fernando’s family seek that one of the rugbiers break with the “pact of silence” that after three years of that night it was still not broken.

That could happen during one of the 22 hearings since, of the eight, three are indicated for fulfilling another role in the crime and that could allow a change in the sentence.

The prosecutor, who read the arguments of the accusations, maintained that Thomsen, Pertossi, Comelli, Benicelli, and Cinalli. “they approached Fernando Báez from behind, taking advantage of the fact that he had his back turned and defenseless and, in this way, acting safely by virtue of numerical and physical superiority, they surrounded him, pounced on him and began to hit him with their fists on his face and body” until he fell unconscious and passed away.

Source: Argentine News