The fourth week of Nora Dalmasso’s trial by juries will continue today with the testimony of new witnesses. Marcelo Macarrón, husband of the victim, is at the center of the trial where he is listed as the alleged instigator of the crime of his wife, strangled in her house in the country Villa Golf in the city of Río Cuarto,

The trial that is in charge of the technical court of the 1st Crime Chamber of Río Cuarto began on March 14 last and has Macarrón on the bench, who was released to the debate and faces an accusation of “qualified homicide”. for the link, for treachery, and for price or remuneration promise in ideal competition”, with which he could receive a life sentence.

New witnesses will appear at the hearing this Tuesday, although by order of the court the names of the people who will testify will only be known hours before the start. The hearing will begin at 9 in the court building of the city of Rio Cuarto, in the south of the province.

Since last week, the trial court, in agreement with the parties, decided not to announce the list of witnesses in order to avoid possible dissuasion and preserve the authenticity of the testimonials.