Many times we have the doubt of who unfollowed us or who of those who follow us on our Twitter account, now those questions have an answer. There are some methods and tools that can help you remove all those doubts.

In a note we give you an easy guide that will help you answer these questions:

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1. Followers Analyzer for Twitter

It is a free application for Android devices that shows you very useful data about your Twitter account. Among them, it informs you about which accounts have stopped following you, you can also activate notifications so that they notify you which accounts no longer follow you, and save you the task of having to look for it yourself. In addition, it analyzes the list of followed users to show you which ones are not following you back.

2. Nomefollow

A simple tool that just by giving access permission to your account, you will discover which users are not following you back and which ones have recently stopped following you. In addition, you can which are those accounts with which you follow each other and program an automatic message for new followers. It is also useful for your Instagram account.

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3. Who Unfollowed Me

Who Unfollowed Me is another of the most useful tools to track who unfollowed you on Twitter. You just have to give permission to access your account and the website will show you a very exhaustive analysis. It has a pro version that is paid and that gives you many more features.

4. Twitter

From the Twitter application itself you can enter your profile and access the “Following” tab, there you can see which users do not follow you back. Just look at the “Follows you” label that appears to the right of each account’s username. Although it is a bit tedious method since it forces you to do everything manually