The Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) approved through Agreement No. 1749 the project of “Basic Concepts to judge with a gender perspective” for popular juries. Through this resolution, it is stated that the Office of Popular Jurors of the TSJ should be notified when the trial involves aspects related to gender violence. Thus, those who make up the juries must receive the manual.

The Agreement states that a follow-up of the results must be carried out and it will allow changes to be made to the content and modality if so required. Likewise, the agency must grant the corresponding certifications to those who have completed the training and so require it.

The initiative responds to the adherence of the TSJ to the Micaela Law (National Law No. 27,499). From the organization they expressed: “as head and governing body of the Judicial Power, it must adopt concrete measures that incorporate the gender perspective in all areas and spheres of judicial work.”