The World Cup fever due to the feat achieved by the Argentine national team caused hundreds of fans to tattoo an image alluding to this World Cup. However, the results were not the most optimal for everyone.

In this context, a Twitter user put together a thread with the worst tattoos of world champion Argentina and aroused laughter and criticism from hundreds of users. Some even dared to compare the 10 of the albiceleste with other characters. “hahaha that happens when they want to look for the cheap”, “crazy, if you don’t have a handle to pay a good tattoo artist, don’t make faces or many details, get the shield, the signature, the date, I don’t know”, are some of the messages that can be read in the publication.

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So far the post has more than 2,400,000 million views and 46 thousand likes. In addition, other users shared photos of the tattoos made by their relatives in the publication, which apparently did not have the best result either.