The resignation of Rodrigo De Loredo to his candidacy as governor of Córdoba keep on talking. Despite belonging to the Radical Civic Union, this political space criticized the decision of the current national deputy by stating that he did not communicate with the intern to make the decision to nominate Luis Juez for the governorship of the province.

Myrian Prunotto, mayor of Estación Juárez Celman and leader of the Metropolitan Entity, pointed out thatWe do not accept De Loredo’s candidacy in this context of self-proclamation. We want the participation of all members and militants of the Radical Civic Union for decision-making”. Given this, he warned that if necessary they will take the judicial path to participate in the internships of Together for Change”.

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The official pointed out that “The Radical House has been closed to us and all the militants for a long time. It is our desire to govern the province of Córdoba,” that’s why “We came out to play hard.” In addition, Prunotto said that the way to announce the candidacies of Judge and De Loredo “It is not the democratic way to do it within our party. This shows that his resignation does not have the vocation of being able to govern the province”.

Without clarifying whether or not she is going to be a candidate for the UCR, Prunotto pointed out that the candidates “They are going to leave the assembly. We do not want personalities and names and surnames. I don’t know if radicalism is broken by this, but our supreme goal is to recover radicalism. We want to give leadership to the party”he said, and accused that currently There are four families that run the party”.

On the other hand, Prunotto referred to the possibility of eventually joining Hacemos por Córdoba and playing close to the current ruling party: We are talking to all spaces. Today the Argentines ask for dialogue and consensus between the political parties”.

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