This Thursday, the Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba (UEPC) urged the Provincial Government to “immediately make the call to the Teacher Salary Policy Commission”. The Assembly of Delegates and Departmental Delegates of the UEPC resolved to request a superior proposal that contains the following criteria:

  • Refund of unemployment days discounts.
  • Improved percentages.
  • All remunerative percentages.
  • Warranty clause.
  • FONID payment to retirees.
  • Suspension of the deferral of increases for all retirees and pensioners.

On the other hand, the Teachers Assembly decided that in the absence of a superior proposal, the following schedule of union actions will be carried out:

  • Monday 3/4: Actions with organic bodies and teachers on a contract basis to be resolved by each Delegation.
  • Tuesday 4/4: Assemblies of 1 hour per shift to determine actions to follow.
  • Wednesday 5/4: Resolution Assembly of Delegates and School Delegates by delegation.
  • Monday 4/10: Resolution Assembly of Delegates and Departmental Delegates.

They also indicated that if there is a superior proposal, the “the process of information, debate and resolution”. And they maintained that from the union they repudiate “any act of verbal, physical and/or political violence against leaders and/or institutions”.

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