After the rage for the specialist in order Marie Kondo, the Japanese woman who taught us to get rid of what we no longer use and order everything in our house, other organization professionals are going viral for popularizing their own tips.

Such is the case of the American Kayleen Kelly, who is professionally dedicated to order and has had his own company for almost ten years, through which he teaches his knowledge and works with clients to help them in their personal projects.

In her TikTok account, Kayleen it has gone viral. One of the most viewed videos on her account is one where she shows how she helps her sister organize a suitcase for a 4-day trip, for which the woman “refused to leave any clothing behind.” “. There it counts his best tricks to make the most of your luggage.

Published in January of this year, the clip accumulates more than 440,000 views and as many comments. There he tells step by step how to accommodate each of the garments (there were 38 in total, plus three pairs of shoes and personal hygiene items).

Start by stack shirts and shirts with open sleeves, folds them as “a package” and places them inside a case to save space in the suitcase. This way also facilitates the unpacking of the garments.

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Then he rolls up the pants and dresses and places them in a case as well. Same with underwear. Shoes go inside protective cloth bags (they can be replaced by bags made of any material), and all personal hygiene items inside smaller cases. All these packages are located inside the suitcase, occupying its capacity to the maximum.

In the backpack that he is carrying in his hand, they put other personal items and jackets, leaving extra space for possible purchases during the trip.

Although the video is in English, the visual description is very descriptive and perfectly understandable. Look!