In a new day marked by exchange turbulence, the parallel dollar was traded in Córdoba for up to $426 per unit, while for purchase it was around $419. Finally, after a substantial jump, the currency closed at $418.

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Some caves even stopped operating due to uncertainty and volatility in the market. So, The informal currency accumulates, so far, a rise of more than $20 in the last two days. The gap with the official wholesale dollar is located at 94.1% -taking as a reference the blue of Buenos Aires-. In the previous day he had scored a strong jump towards the end of the wheel that represented his biggest daily rise in a month when he reached $ 400.

So far this year, blue has risen $66, after closing 2022 at $346. It is worth mentioning that in CABAthe informal dollar is around this Tuesday $422just below the value of the national interior.

According to analysts, Parallel dollars will continue to rise during this month, due to the indirect emission that the Export Increase Program entailswhich contemplates a differential exchange rate of $300 for soybean producers and regional economies.

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The Central Bank ended the first round of the week with purchases for US$73 million in the exchange market, taking advantage of liquidations for US$153.8 million from agro-exporters. With the purchases made on Monday, the monetary authority reduced the negative balance for April, which had exceeded US$500 million, to around US$48 million, while sales in the year shrank to around US$3.02 billion.