In recent days, Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend, Emilia Ferrero, received thousands of criticisms on social networks after a video circulated in which she was seen trying to order a line of people who approached the soccer player’s house to get out. photos with him and to receive his autograph. Now, the followers of the world champion started an unusual initiative for the striker of the team to end his relationship with the young woman.

The initiative is a petition made on the site in order to gather signatures. “Julián separate from Mary Jane” was the name chosen for the movement that began within this website, which has received more than 20,000 followers in less than two days.

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Miiluu Fernández, who created the request, wrote a message along with the request that pointed directly to the young woman: “You have to make the spider realize that Mary Jane is a toxic milipili that ruins her public image and that this with the chaqueña or It wouldn’t have happened with us.”