Mariano De La Canal became a recurring character in the media more than a decade ago, as a result of his first appearance on ShowMatch as a fan of Wanda Nara, and since then, he has managed to maintain his popularity due to various scandals, the success he had on Bolivian TV and their solidarity work in the hardest stage of the pandemic. However, in the last few hours he became a trend on social networks for the unusual reason that he stopped being a vegan.

“I stopped being vegan because a dog bit me, so I got angry and said: ‘I’m militating for animals, one of them comes and bites me’. That’s when I stopped being vegan,” he revealed in an interview with Tatiana Shapiro. And he added, with humor: “The truth is that I militated for all that, veganism, vegetarianism, all that, but a dog bit me on the street and I said: ‘Wow! I’m trying a lot for them and one of his pack comes and bites me.’ So, I went to eat a hamburger. And there I am gaining weight again.”

In addition, he recalled the strangest jobs he got after becoming “Wanda’s fan”. “I’ve been to themed weddings where everyone wore the headband with the name of the bride and at four in the morning I came in, I appeared. It’s bizarre, but I take it as a job. And in the strong season of the Fan, I cried at wakes. Did you see that there are families that are few and out there they did not love the person very much? And they have hired me to go and cry next to the drawer, “he explained.

And he gave details about his services: “I had three options: the basic, the medium and the premium, which was the most expensive but with which he cried, turned the drawer over, called the ambulance, we threw out the relative you did not want “. For now, away from Wanda, Mariano awaits confirmation of him as a participant in the second season of The Hotel of the Famous, the reality show that will return to the eltrece screen in January 2023.