The use of the installed capacity (UCI) of the industry stood at 66.7% in October, 2.4 points above the 64.3% obtained in the same month last year, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

Meanwhile, the level for the tenth month of the year was 1.9 points below the 68.6% reached last September, added the statistical agency.

The indicator for the use of installed capacity in industry measures the proportion used, in percentage terms, of the productive capacity of the industrial sector. The survey of the official body includes a panel of between 600 and 700 companies.

The sectoral blocks that presented levels of use of installed capacity above the general level in October were basic metal industries (89.6%), non-metallic mineral products (79.8%), paper and cardboard (75.2%), petroleum refining (72.4%) and chemical substances and products (71.3%).

In contrast, those that were below the general level were food and beverage products (62.5%), the automotive industry (62.3%), tobacco products (57.5%), rubber and plastic products (56, 9%), publishing and printing (56.2%), metalworking except automotive (54.8%) and textile products (53.0%).

In this way, the variation in the UCI in October was in line with the level of industry activity, which increased 3.5% year-on-year but fell 1.1% compared to September. In the accumulated of the first ten months of the year, the industry has a growth of 5.7%.