This afternoon, the labor ministry and the UTA union could not agree on a wage agreement, and if they are not resolved at the hearing that will take place on Monday the 12th, they will take an extreme measure of force which will be a nationwide transportation strike. The president of the UTA, Roberto Fernández, who continues to demand better pay for workers in the field, declared: “In response to the refusal to agree on the salaries for the represented personnel, and as we have expressed in previous hearings, we cannot even We are going to allow the passage of time to affect the pockets of the workers”

According to the head of Fatap, Gerardo Ingaramo, he assured that in the interior the workers of the public transport service did not collect the May subsidies. Frustrated by the lack of a solution to the conflict, the Uta once again threatened a strike in the AMBA and in the interior of the country for the tuesday 13 if it was not resolved, a middle point was reached between salary negotiations.

Given the lack of salary agreements and the intervention of a fourth intermission for Monday the 12th, íngaramo declared in a radio interview “we have had five meetings and no member of his cabinet participates, nor the Federal Transportation Committee, nor the municipalities. It is only UTA and Fatap, and we did not reach any kind of understanding. We went to an intermediate quarter for Monday and UTA announced a national strike of short and medium-distance transport in the interior and AMBA (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area) for 24 hours “