The Argentine National Team debuted in the first match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and how could it be otherwise, social networks were filled with memes. The creativity and occurrence of Internet users for the decisions of the VAR and the advanced positions of the staggered were present on Twitter and the reactions exploded.

The first emotion of the match came from the penalty spot with Lionel Messi’s score. Prior to this moment, referee Slavko Vincic, with the help of VAR, decided that an action against Leandro Paredes in the area would be sanctioned as a penalty.

After the annulment of three goals by the Argentine national team, social networks made themselves felt for the creation of the famous memes, where the creativity of the users is appealed to show their happiness or discontent for a particular circumstance.

The VAR, protagonist of the memes in the debut of the National Team in Qatar • Channel C