The dance couple who won the Carlos Award in this 2023 season, Abril Manzanelli and Lucas Loza, visited Espacio Canal C and chatted with Ivi Merlo about the theatrical success of which they are a part. Referring to the shortlist that Lucas won, he expressed that until now they have not fallen into reality and that it cost them a lot to be able to measure the magnitude of that prize.

Meanwhile, Abril assures that she felt that the award was a pampering the effort they have been making and was encouraged to tell about the sacrifice involved in doing theater and even more so doing two performances a day. “Literally we rehearse every day for around two and a half hours, now obviously due to the season of the season we are resting more time and at night we give it our all because we are there for many hours and apart from that we do double duty. Normally what was last year and even before starting the season we did rehearsals for two and a half hours, diet and gym. Everything is a sacrifice but it’s worth it” it’s worth it “.

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In reference to the show of which they are a part, ‘Wonderful night’, both affirmed that they receive a lot of love from the public. They also ensured that once the performance is over, people wait outside the theater to greet them and take photos with them.

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