This Wednesday, Thiago Almada made his debut for a few minutes in the World Cup against Poland. It was then that the actress Thelma Fardín published an Instagram story rejecting the participation of the former Vélez Sarsfield player.

“Heartbroken with that this National Team that we love has made Thiago Almada play, charged in the San Isidro Court for aggravated sexual abuse with carnal access and group abuse,” he said. And he ended: “And nobody says anything. Do we killjoys always have to be the same? What fan wants to bank an alleged abuser?

Almada was charged in the case under investigation gang rape to two women in December 2020 in the country Camino Real, San Isidro. The players Ricardo Centurión, Juan Martín Lucero and Miguel Brizuela are also involved in the event.

However, at the beginning of this 2022 it was indicated that his judicial situation had been resolved “by virtue of the incorporation of new evidence, expertise and testimonies.”