In dialogue with Channel C, one of the leaders of the MST “Teresa Vive”, Franca Condori, explained the motivations that the social organizations had to take to the streets to march on Tuesday, with a concentration in front of the Ministry of Social Development of the nation.

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The situation is very complex, this has not happened for years“, said Franca, who said that by decision of the Minister of Social Development Victoria Tolosa Paz “They have suspended the payment of nearly 1,300,000 colleagues who every month receive their social assistance, their Potenciar Trabajo, within the framework of an audit” for “control the poorest, when in reality what this government that is doing the accounts for the IMF should be doing is controlling what those who are really evading are doing”.

Condori also stated that “there is anger and uncertainty“because supposedly today they were going to receive their payments, “but so far it has not been deposited”, within the framework of “wanting to unsubscribe 250,000 compañeros and compañeras who, because they have bought a motorcycle or a car, they consider that they are not poor.”

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