From December 2019 to July 2022, the management of the Frente de Todos underwent a total of 17 changes in the national cabinet, which is equivalent to almost one minister every 60 days.

In a review of these modifications, the first to resign shortly after the start of Alberto Fernández’s mandate was 1) María Eugenia Bielsa in the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat and in her place Jorge Ferraresi assumed.

two) Months later, it happened in the Ministry of Health, where Ginés González García had to leave the position as a result of the VIP vaccination and left it to Carla Vizzotti.

3)Then it was the turn of Marcela Losardo in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and in her place Martín Soria took over, who remains until today.

4)A few days later, Mario Meoni, then Minister of Transport, died in a traffic accident and his place was taken by Alexis Guerrera.

5)In August 2021, Agustín Rossi left the Ministry of Defense so that Jorge Taiana could replace him and Juan Zabaleta arrived in Social Development instead of Daniel Arroyo.

In September 2021, the departure of 6) Santiago Cafiero by Juan Manzur (Chief of Staff), 7)Felipe Solá for the aforementioned Cafiero (Foreign Relations and Worship), 8)Luis Basterra by Julián Domínguez (Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing), 9)Nicolás Trotta by Jaime Perczyk (Education), 10)Roberto Salvarezza by Daniel Filmus (Science, Technology and Innovation) and eleven)Sabina Frederic for Aníbal Fernández (Security).

This year, 12)Matías Kulfas left the Ministry of Productive Development and Daniel Scioli gave him his place. A month later, another hard blow was dealt to the president who was suffering from the departure of 13) Martín Guzmán at the Ministry of Economy by Silvina Batakis.

And reaching the most recent news, a triple change in the national government was made official. The Ministries of Economy (Batakis), Productive Development (Scioli) and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (Domínguez) were unified to be called Economy, Production and Agriculture under the command of 14)Sergio Massa, who until now served as head of the Chamber of Deputies.