The municipality added 8 new places to the “Get Out the Batteries” program, in charge of the Secretary of Environmental Management and Sustainability. In this way, three branches of the Disco supermarket were incorporated into the collection, located in the Nuevocentro Shopping on Av. Duarte Quirós 1450, in the Córdoba Shopping of José Antonio de Goyechea 2851 and in Av. Richieri 3297, and to which they can be accessed during normal business hours. In addition, in two branches of the VEA Supermarket located at Juan B. Justo 3900 and Av. Armada Argentina 334.

Also, the 3 Vehicle Inspection plants of the city of Córdoba located at Avenida Cárcano 182, Colectora de Avenida Circunvalación Sur, Camino a San Antonio and Avenida Japon are incorporated into the collection of batteries.

It is worth mentioning that all battery waste that reaches the 63 containers is collected by the SOLar company, which is in charge of fully recycling each element received in order to transform and reuse them.

Items that can be collected:

-Batteries and lithium batteries of all kinds and use.

-Batteries and batteries of all types and composition of materials (alkaline or rechargeable batteries, button, special, cell phones, etc.).

-Lead / acid batteries in their various applications.

-Batteries of common UPS and/or emergency lights of all types and uses.

-Energy support batteries for specific activities (mining, telecommunications, renewable energy, etc.) of all types of materials that comprise it.

-Cell phone batteries; of medical equipment; of hand tools; etc.

-Power Bank Batteries and Accumulators; of isolated dwellings; of electric vehicles; Renewable Energies; etc.

-Electrical and electronic waste