El Campo is dissatisfied with the new measures that the National Government is implementing. To clarify the panorama of the situation experienced by producers Meridian 64 spoke with Eduardo Amadeo, former National Deputy of Together for Change and Agricultural Product.

“The situation is one of permanent aggression against the countryside. Let us remember the Secretary of Commerce saying that the only thing that matters to agricultural producers is buying a flat in Miami. I would like a gringo from Manfredi to tell him what apartment he plans to buy in Miami “, said Amadeo referring to the words of Roberto Feletti.

Amadeo exposed the fact that the countryside is repeatedly accused of being the sector that generates inflation. “They create funds by taking resources from the countryside to be able to stop inflation that is the result of bad government policy. There is permanent aggression and a permanent attempt to create new taxes”

On the other hand, he stated that there is an operational problem in relation to the supply of resources. “I, who was trying to finish threshing my thick crop, have spent days trying to get diesel. At the most critical moment, the government cannot provide us with this essential resource,” he said, saying that this problem is due to a lack of investment since “for Kirchnerism, investment is a bad word”

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