Last April Rocío Marengo had announced that she would begin treatment at a clinic to be able to get pregnant, and in this way be able to venture into the world of motherhood for the first time, a wish she had expressed on numerous occasions.

However, the procedure did not prosper and the media decided to tell his followers about the hard time he is going through. “Oh, I don’t know how to tell you, how to say it? What words to use … Well, I prefer to face the situation and tell it myself for the only time, there is no baby on the way, I am sad, ”Marengo began writing.

And he continued: “I want to thank you for all the love, respect and support you gave me from the moment I shared my decision.” Despite the moment that Rocío is living, the model decided to leave an optimistic message to all those women who find themselves in a similar situation: “It was beautiful to know that there are many girls who want to be mothers and that when with natural procedures we did not achieve our goal, we turn to science to fulfill our desire. The road is often long… we must not lower our arms!”

“I am sad, but I was very happy trying and fighting for my wish. All my love for you!”, concluded the artist.

Photo; Posting on Rocío Marengo’s Instagram stories