From the municipality they assure that “it has not been a serious episode”. Meanwhile, from the Factory they issued a statement in which they assure that evaluations are being carried out to find out what caused the loss.

A column of orange smoke rose today in Río Tercero after a nitric acid leak at the Río Tercero Military Factory plant. From the municipality they decided to order the temporary closure of the plant while they investigate the causes that caused the incident.

In a dialogue with Cadena 3, the Secretary of Security of the municipality of Río Tercero, Miguel Canuto, affirmed that the causes that caused this situation are not yet known. However, he assured that a team of technicians is already working in the area to solve the problem. “We want to corroborate this because these issues cannot occur, they have to have their security measures,” he assured.

“As this stop proceeds spontaneously, nitrous gases are released into the environment and a large orange cloud is seen,” explained Canuto, adding that the community siren was sounded to alert the population of Río Tercero.

Canuto affirmed that “it has not been a serious episode”, and added: “the cloud has dissipated quickly, it has not been emanating for a long time. What happens is that, when the plant is cut, the gases that remain inside the process, are released into the environment.

After the operation at the Río Tercero Military Factory Nitric Acid Plant was stopped, an official statement was issued from the state industry that was replicated by local media:

“At approximately 1:00 p.m., the automatic stoppage of the Nitric Acid Plant took place, in accordance with the security systems of the process,” they indicated from the Río Tercero Military Factory. “The pertinent technical evaluations were carried out and its parameters were normalized to proceed with its safe detention.” “The corresponding protocol was applied in situations of this nature, finding the situation completely normalized,” the statement closed.