After deliberation, the UEPC (Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba) decided to reject the Government’s salary offer, which was 56.2% for the first half of the year. The union’s statement states that the majority of the delegations rejected “for the third time in a row the government’s salary proposal for considering it insufficient and not containing the guidelines resolved in the last Departmental Assembly.”

In this line, the union led by Secretary General Juan Monserrat, decided to decree three days of teacher strike and mobilization. The schedule indicates: “Declare stoppage of 72 hours on Wednesday 12, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 April with mobilization in the city of Córdoba on Thursday, April 13″.

The main demands of the teachers’ union insist on “urging the Provincial Government to immediately make a superior proposal that contains the following criteria”:

• Refund of unemployment days discounts.
• Improvement of percentages for the entire rank and in all sections.
• All remunerative percentages.
• Trigger clause.
• Immediate payment of all salary debts of plans and programs.
• Immediate loading of all pending MABs.
• Qualification of PIT, PRO.A, Adults, Course Coordinators, Higher Level and Extended Day teachers. Annul Higher Level Resolutions No. 1494 and No. 1495/22.
• FONID payment to retirees.
• Suspension of the deferral of increases for all retirees and pensioners.
• Full coverage of APROSS benefits throughout the province.
• Rejection of the accusation of the comrades of the social movements.

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In the statement released, they also indicated that “in the absence of a salary proposal that exceeds the Assembly” it was resolved to carry out more actions during the coming week:

– Tuesday 4/18: Assemblies of 1 hour per shift to determine actions to follow.
– Wednesday 4/19: Resolution Assembly of Delegates and School Delegates by delegation.
– Thursday 4/20: Resolution Assembly of Delegates and Departmental Delegates.