A total of 254 femicides and trans/transvesticides were registered in the country from January 1 to October 31 of this year, according to the new report presented by the “Adriana Marisel Zambrano” Femicide Observatory in Argentina, which is directed by the Civil Association La Meeting House.

In the letter they indicated that in the registered period of 304 days, Buenos Aires continues to be the province with the most cases (79), followed by Santa Fe (55), Córdoba (24), Salta (12), Mendoza (11) and Santiago. Estero and Chaco (9). Meanwhile, in Misiones 7 cases were registered, in Jujuy 6, in Entre Ríos 5; in Formosa, Río Negro and the City of Buenos Aires 4; in La Pampa, Corrientes, Catamarca, Tucumán, and La Rioja 3; in San Luis, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz, Neuquén 2; and in Chubut and San Juan 1.

It was also detailed that 91 femicides were partners or ex-partners of the victims, that nine had issued a preventive precautionary measure and that 15 were agents or former agents of the Security Forces.

The survey highlighted that 51 victims had filed a complaint, while ten were pregnant, 11 had evidence of sexual abuse, seven were trans women, 16 victims were migrants, four were from indigenous peoples and 41 femicides committed suicide.

“In 304 days there were 254 femicides and trans/transvesticides, how long will we continue counting? Of all the murdered women, only 51 filed a complaint. What happened to the rest? What about the judiciary that does not put the risk in context What are those who dare to denounce run?”, they ask from La Casa del Encuentro in the statement in which they spread the report.

Alarming figures: there were 254 femicides and trans/transvesticides in 10 months • Channel C