A new joint meeting of tire workers with companies in the sector will take place this Monday at 11 at the Ministry of Labor, within the framework of an extensive conflict over wage improvements and working conditions.

The meeting, convened by the labor portfolio, will take place from 11 at the headquarters of the city of Buenos Aires, where the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (Sutna) summoned the workers and “all the organizations of the class worker” to gather at 10 o’clock, in what they defined as a “key day”.

The meeting falls within the framework of an extensive conflict between the union and the employers over wage demands and job improvements, on a day in which the indefinite strike of Sutna workers continues and the blockade of the entry of some of the plants of companies in the sector.

Last Saturday, the Bridgestone company announced the decision to “temporarily close” its operations in the country as a result of “prolonged negotiations” with Sutna within the 2021/2022 peer review.

As a result of the ongoing conflict, on September 23 Bridgestone has decided to temporarily close all operations in Argentina to protect each person who makes up our team and guarantee the integrity of our property. Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, another tire-producing company, Pirelli, denounced in a statement that “Sutna has kept the plant blocked for several days, altering the normal flow of the factory.” “The nature of this methodology, in addition to being illegal, is deeply authoritarian and anti-democratic, since it violates fundamental rights such as freedom of movement and work,” the firm said.

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