The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, affirmed that the Government is going to “act with the weight of the law” on the sectors that in recent weeks have implemented remarks and that they are going to demand that businessmen “reduce prices that they do not have justification”.

“We are going to work chain by chain. We are going to compare the cost structure with the data reported by the businessmen and form a work table. We are a government of dialogue, but if we see that on the other side we do not find an adequate response, and there is excuses or speculative practices, we are going to act with the weight of the law”, Kulfas said in dialogue with FM Futurock.

The minister also announced that during this week the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, “is going to announce specific measures on local businesses.”

“We are seeing a huge dispersion of prices that seems unacceptable to us. There is a high degree of compliance with careful prices in supermarkets, which is the traditional mouth of this program, and then that same product in nearby stores appears with high prices, those are issues that we are going to order, ”he said.

“We are going to demand that businessmen roll back prices that have no justification, we are also going to apply this trust, which is a way to compensate for this rise in costs. There we are going to organize the chain and other sectors where we see a significant imbalance. If we see that there are unjustified increases and despite the measures taken there is no readjustment of this scheme, we will take drastic measures”, he concluded.

Source: Telam, Futurock