It was the most requested program since mandatory isolation began in the middle of the pandemic. And more than two years after that moment, Big Brother returned to the Telefe screen with peaks of 23 rating points. With the leadership of Santiago Del Moro and the duo of Wanda Nara and Roberto Funes Ugarte at the door of “the most famous house in the country”, the 18 participants chosen by the production were announced and the casting made people talk.

Unlike other years, in this edition the call for the reality show was for people from 18 to 101 years old, with the aim of showing generational crosses. And although most of the “little brothers” average about 20 years old, more mature players also entered who will make their contribution to coexistence in the 2000-square-meter house.

Only in the first broadcast, social networks exploded with the presentation of each of the applicants for the prize of 15 million pesos. And whether it’s because of their origins, their jobs, the way they appear on the virtual plane or the comments they made on camera, the public has already begun to choose their favorites for the next four months.

Big Brother 2022: these are the 18 participants who entered the house • Channel C

Nacho Castañares Bridge: Born in Spain, he is 19 years old and moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 4 with his mother, who recently passed away. His father stayed in Europe, where he returned to form a couple with a man. “I consider him my second father and to this day he still is,” he assured of his stepfather. He played soccer in Ferro, Communications and Racing and is currently dedicated to creating content on the networks and works in a car agency.

Lucila Belen Villar: He is 28 years old, he is from Berazategui and works in a beauty center. She defined herself as a “sex addict” and a woman who takes everything ahead. She studies NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and bets that this knowledge will help her in coexistence with her classmates.

Walter “Alpha” Santiago: At 60 years old, he is the biggest participant in the contest and assures that he will be the leader due to his character. “I’m going to be the patriarch of the house,” he promised. He is dedicated to the purchase, repair and sale of cars, he lived in Miami for 13 years and went through another reality show on the channel of the balls.

Mora Jabornisky Becerra: The 21-year-old missionary is studying Civil Engineering and is passionate about competing. Her mother passed away when she was young and she was raised by her stepmother, whom she considers “an angel”. “Because of how I dress, they confuse me as a man, but it doesn’t bother me. I find it funny. I love being cute, because I know I am, and I really like hysterics,” said the young woman who currently has an open relationship with Sebastián , who waits for her outside the house.

Maximilian Guidici: The 35-year-old Cordovan sold himself as “the most talkative and chamuyero”. He lived in Brazil and Mexico, where he opened a hostel two months before the start of the pandemic and it melted down. Having lived with another large group of people, he feels that he has potential in reality.

Constance “Coti” Romero: The 20-year-old woman from Corrientes came to the house with a long career in beauty pageants, in which she never lost, and she proposed to be the protagonist in the game. Her strategy will be to seduce the men so that they fight each other, while her boyfriend waits for her outside.

Agustin Guardis: He is 25 years old, is a native of La Plata and is a political analyst. He considers himself an anarchist and promises to be the best player in the history of reality. Also, he showed interest in older women.

Maria Laura Alvarez: She is a dog groomer, she is 41 years old and she showed up at the casting at the insistence of her ex-husband and her current partner, whom she met while playing soccer. “She was the coach’s girlfriend, who when we started dating, kicked me off the team,” she revealed. Together they are mothers of Isabella, 9 years old. “I hope that at home I do not meet people who are very cool or who discriminate because I am not going to be able to contain myself,” she sentenced.

Thomas Holder: The 21-year-old from Rosario is known on social networks. Especially on TikTok. “I make a character of a ‘Tincho’, half classist, a little homophobic. Typical rugbier and people laugh a lot,” he commented. He is currently in a relationship and assures that his goal is to win, which is why he does not want to be distracted by love affairs.

Juan Reverdito: He is 42 years old, has two children aged 24 and 5 and a grandson of 3. He is a taxi driver and the great dream of his life was to enter the reality show. He trusts that the difficult experiences of his life will help him establish himself as a winner.

Martina Stewart Usher: A native of Tigre, she is 25 years old, is a physical education teacher and works as a sports journalist. She considers herself capricious and ensures that she always gets what she wants. Her “half orange” is Atilio, her French bulldog. She dated several soccer players and her idol is Wanda Nara.

Daniela Celis: At the age of 26, she assures that having breast implants changed her life, since she always sought “to be pretty, to be accepted.” She lives in La Reja, Moreno, she has 11 siblings and 16 nephews. She was in a relationship with a man 20 years older than her, but she left him to enter the competition.

Marco Ginocchio: A fan of martial arts, he studies law at the Catholic University of Salta, his native province. He is 22 years old and goes to mass every Sunday. “I am not interested in what others think of me, I live for myself and not for others,” he said.

Juliet Poggio: She is a model, actress, dancer and dance teacher. She is 20 years old and does not get along with housework. “There isn’t a weekend that I don’t go out and I only drink champagne,” she revealed and acknowledged that she is selfish and that she is working with her psychologist to change it.

Thiago Agustin Medina: He is 19 years old, lives in González Catán and works in the Central Market and collects cardboard to help his family. “At the age of 8, my mother died and we are left to keep going. The first thing I would do if I win the prize would be to fix my house so that my brothers live more comfortably,” she said.

Romina Uhrig: She is 34 years old, she is the mother of three girls and she was a national deputy for the Frente de Todos. She is flirtatious and takes great care of her body. In addition to following a balanced diet and exercising, she does not hide the surgeries and aesthetic treatments that she has undergone to look the way she likes.

Alexis Quiroga: He is from Córdoba, works on a peanut plantation and compares himself to Ricardo Fort because of the lifestyle he leads. He played football in Ferro, but he gave up everything for the likes of him at night. His goal is to win, but also to meet “pretty girls”.

Juliana Diaz: The 31-year-old from Santa Fe maintains that she has a gift for convincing people to do what she wants. She is a nutrition technician and is single, with plans to establish new ties at home. She lives with her mother and marked two traumatic events in her life: the death of her stepfather and her brother.