This Thursday night, the four finalists of the Voz Argentina of the teams of Soledad Pastorutti, Mau and Ricky, Lali Esposito and Ricardo Montaner. In an intense gala, the public decided that one member of each team would advance to the grand finale and compete for the jackpot.

With pure talent and well-defined styles, the public chose that the team of the sun the folklorist goes to the final Yhosva Montoya who prevailed over the tango Huilen Curra.

While Ivan Papetti will be the one who represents the team of Mau and Rickyleaving the other folklorist of the competition, Octavio Muratore.

for the team of Ricardo Montaner the people chose it to be Elijah Pardal whoever seeks to win the reality show and beat Naiquen Galizioa contestant with great talent and a strong story of overcoming.

Lali Esposito she was left with the only female finalist in the competition. the talent of Angela Navarro was imposed by popular vote and left Thomas Sagues in the semi-final.

This Monday, the winner of this new edition of the most famous singing reality show will be announced.