“If something was missing to confirm that I am not before a court of the Constitution, but before a media-judicial firing squad, it is to prevent me from exercising the right of defense before questions that never appeared in the act of accusation of the prosecutor that I attended during 5 days in May 2019”, Cristina Kirchner wrote on her Twitter.

The message was issued minutes after it became known that the prosecutor Diego Luciani requested 12 years in prison for her in the Vialidad case. She also announced that at 11:00 this Tuesday she will give a conference on her social networks. “Through my networks I am going to demonstrate, precisely, why they are prohibiting me from speaking in the trial after the obscene script that the prosecutors put together,” closed the Vice President.

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According to the lawyers involved in clarifying the case, they understand that Cristina was the head of an illicit association through which State funds were diverted in favor of businessman Lázaro Báez.

Luciani justified the request for conviction by her “directive power” for corruption maneuvers and mentioned “the personal gain sought” in the bidding for works when she was president (2007-2015), an accusation that her followers consider persecution.

Cristina had asked to testify on Tuesday but the judges denied this because they argued that the investigation period had ended. The Vice President will be able to speak at her turn, during the final arguments of the accused.