Córdoba has the most expensive price for CNG in all of Argentina. This was expressed by Marcelo Zanoni, president of the Compressed Natural Gas Chamber of the interior of the country.

In dialogue with Cadena 3, he said that this is due “purely and exclusively to the stationer’s desire for profitability. The price of CNG fuel is the only value that the stationer can modify at will, not like liquid fuels, which are regulated by the company. flag. It went from being the most economical to the most profitable for beachgoers,” explained

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Zanoni made the comparison with super gasoline and the prices that station owners continue to point out to CNG: “With the value of one cubic meter of gas, it covers the value of 3 liters of super gasoline. This is not due to any update , neither raise energy, nor parity. This is due to the benefit of the stationer’s pocket, ”he concluded.