Javier Pretto, current president of the PRO of Córdoba and former mayor of the city of La Carlota, seems to be eyeing one of the highest positions in the politics of the city of Córdoba. It is nothing more and nothing less than the vice-intendence of the hand of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba. In this way, it would be part of the formula of the capital’s ruling party that leads Daniel Passerini as a candidate for mayor to maintain command of the Municipality of Córdoba in the elections on July 23.

In February 2022 Pretto was already stomping and assured that he was going to be the next mayor of the Cordovan capital. With the announcement of his candidacy for mayor, and with an armed team, he went out to give several interviews to provincial media as well as began a journey through different neighborhoods of Córdoba Capital in order to impose his image.

The surprise, therefore, is this resounding change of direction for which the politician has opted, since he previously secured his nomination as the first formula of Together for Change defined together with his partner, and the Ombudsman of the province, Mario Decara. Even Pretto came to criticize the mandate of Martín Llaryora: “The squares that the mayor inaugurates are very beautiful, but these works do not match the needs of the neighbors“.

If Pretto’s transfer to the ranks of Peronism materializes, it would be the first leak of magnitude that the opposition of a PRO leader would suffer.