Next Monday the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, will meet with the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón, the Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini and the representatives of the main fuel operators in the country to negotiate a price agreement for the sector.

“The idea is to reach a price agreement for four months with the main fuel operators in the country, to add it to the fair prices program,” said sources close to the Ministry of Energy.

At the beginning of the month, the companies YPF and Shell increased the price of fuel by an average of 6% in gasoline and diesel. The increase had a lower incidence in gasoline, which averaged more than 5%, while diesel increased more than 7%.

This disparity is due to the fact that the import cost and the price at the local pump, as well as the volume imported to complete the local supply, are higher for diesel than for gasoline.

In the last 12 months, the accumulated price adjustment of gasoline was approximately 52% and that of diesel was 74% (62% on average).