In an operation ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the sale of drugs in the San Javier department, the Anti-Drug Police Force seized more than a hundred doses of drugs and arrested two drug dealers, including a municipal employee. These are two subjects of 24 and 32 years of age, who according to investigations made “drug delivery” in the cities of Villa Dolores and Villa Sarmiento.

The procedure was carried out in two homes in both locations. In them, members of the FPA seized 96 doses of cocaine and 11 marijuana, two blister packs of psychotropic drugs (Rohypnol), money, two vehicles used for delivery (a Renault Clio vehicle and a Yamaha motorcycle) and different elements allegedly related to the sale of drugs. It is worth mentioning that the minor of the detainees is a municipal employee of the city of Villa Dolores.

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After the kidnappings, authorities from the Mobile Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight against Drug Trafficking arranged for the detainees to be transferred to court for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law.