Members of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force arrested a 48-year-old man who was delivering drugs in the southern province. In the procedure they seized 198 doses of cocaine and cash.

The operation was carried out in a building and on public roads in the city of Río Cuarto. The procedure was ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of an investigation for drug dealing.

The first of the devices was developed on the public thoroughfare of the Center; place where FPA detectives intercepted and detained the investigated subject, who was traveling in a Fiat Siena vehicle and presumably headed to deliver cocaine.

Next, a house was raided, located on Calle 25 de Mayo at 900 in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, where more evidence was seized, such as a scale and packaging, as well as money, apparently the product of the sale of drugs ($75,200).

The operation was supervised by the judicial authorities on duty, who ordered the transfer of the detainee to court for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law.