Members of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Police Force carried out a raid and arrested a 33-year-old woman and a 37-year-old man for allegedly selling drugs in the city of Arroyito. The couple was apprehended by FPA investigation personnel on Avellaneda street (public road). The officers seized several doses of cocaine from their clothes and seized the motorcycle on which they were traveling.

Automatically, an operation was carried out in his home located on Villa La Merced street in the Municipal neighborhood of the aforementioned city. The Police of the Province of Córdoba collaborated in the security of the outer ring of the dwelling. In the property, several doses of cocaine, money and elements of interest for the investigated cause were seized.

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The couple used the “delivery” modality to sell cocaine and marijuana at different points in the city of Arroyito. In turn, the woman (33) had a history of robbery. The operation was supervised by authorities from the San Francisco City Anti-Drug Trafficking Prosecutor’s Office, who ordered the transfer of those under investigation to court for violation of the National Narcotics Law.